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A clear focus on network training and certification CONDUIT has more than 10 years of experience working with leading telecom equipment vendors worldwide. We have specialized teams of networking engineers working across the network lifecycle in multi-vendor scenarios. Site acquisition, planning and design are among the core services provided by CONDUIT. Since our foundation, we have worked closely with all of our clients to develop the best network rollout practices. We focus on value engineering - handing over the best available option to our clients in terms of time, quality and cost.

Our team brings the project from the initial stages to site completion in a way that is beyond our clients' expectations and fully adherent to all industry standards and requirements.
Because we work locally, CONDUIT quickly gets to grips with all issues pertaining to site acquisition and planning at a local level. Our staff deals directly with local site providers, negotiating the best possible lease agreements on behalf of our clients.
Planning can be a complex and cumbersome process. However, detailed scrutiny of local and national planning legislation, policy and guidelines helps us move a project through this difficult stage.
We have gained invaluable design experience from w

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